Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection (CP)

Cathodic Protection (CP) is a method of corrosion control that can be applied to buried and submerged metallic structures. In conjunction with coating, a properly designed and maintained CP will ensure a 100% efficient corrosion Protection System.

The Principle of CP is to prevent anodic sites occurring on the structure under protection by allowing anodic reactions to occur on specially designed and installed anodes.

The PR is designed to operate is constant current mode and the current is adjustable manually.

The PR has various protections like surge protection, fast acting semiconductor fuses, DC overload, DC over voltage, short circuit protection and AC under voltage and also fast acting current limiting which protects the PR from supplying current higher than the set value.

Transformer Rectifier Unit (TRU)

Mass-Tech manufactures reliable and high quality automatic and manual transformer rectifier units required for Cathodic Protection applications of cross country pipelines, buried storage tanks and structures. Mass-Tech manufactures both outdoor and indoor TRUs. These rectifiers are designed to withstand severe unattended conditions with temperature range up to 55°C and ingress protection class up to IP55 / IP56 / IP65. All vital components are manufactured under stringent quality assurance system to achieve highest quality standards. These TRUs are suitable for cross country pipeline, inplant pipelines, Tankages cathodic protection system.


  • 50V / 10A, 50V / 25A, 50V / 50A, 50V / 75A and 50V / 100A

Junction and Bond Boxes

For protection of wire connections from the environment (moisture, sun, water, dust, etc.). Mass-Tech offers complete line of CP Junction Boxes.

Mass-Tech manufactures following types of Junction Boxes in Stainless Steel, MS depending on outdoor or indoor applications and any other materials as required by the customer.

These boxes are galvanized, powder coated or painted to the highest quality levels for maintenance free performance.These boxes are manufactured on CNC machines giving the accuracy and required ingress protection. Bond Boxes and Positive Splitter Boxes are tested for Non Sparking (Ex 'nA' ) and ingress protection IP-65 by CIMFR.

- Bond Box

- Positive Distribution Box

- Negative Distribution Box

- Positive Splitter Box

- Multipurpose Junction Box

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