Modular Power System

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Modular Power System

SMPS modules: for Battery Charging & supplying load DC-DC Converter Modules: For Supplying different DC voltages load Inverter Modules: with optional Static bypass switch for supplying single phase or Three phase AC load. Control & Monitoring Unit: for Power Supply Management, Battery Management, Remote Monitoring & Control Through Modems/ Industrial Ethernet. Racks: for mounting Power Supply Modules, Connection of input, Output & Load Distribution.


  • Modular System
    Simple to configure, Flexible , Easy to operate & maintain, Easy to expand.
  • Single Source System
    With single DC source, one can achieve various DC Voltages using DC-DC Converter Modules & AC Voltages using Inverter modules, in the same system.
  • Cost Effective
    High efficiencies result in low operating costs & "N+1 Module" concept for redundancy reduces total system cost.
  • Space Saving
    70% less in volume & weight compared to the Conventional Systems. High of power density with most compact possible space.
  • Less Down Time
    Hot swapping of modules without interrupting the over all system.
  • Superior Performance
    Low starting current, Low ripple (Less than 20mV peak to peak), Better Dynamic Response (Less than 1ms), High power factor.
  • Intelligent System
    Automatic Malfunction management, Dynamic Load Shedding Management, Remote Controls & monitoring via modems/ Industrial Ethernet.

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