Portable Battery Charger & Battery Maintenance Tool

Portable Battery Charger & Battery Maintenance Tool

Batteries form the backbone in the operation of a plant performance and dictates the dependability of DC system. In plant, normally batteries of different type viz Lead Acid, SMF or Ni-Cd and of varying AH capacities are used for following applications.

Application Areas

  • 110V / 220V - Switchgear Protection Systems
  • 48V - Communication Systems
  • 380V or above - UPS Systems
  • 24V - Instrumentation & Control Systems, Fire Alarm / Security Systems
  • 24 / 36 / 48 / 72V / 80V - Battery Operated Vehicles

Availability of DC Supply in case of Power failure or emergency, depends on battery condition/State of Charge. A single weak cell in a battery bank, can lead to failure of total systems resulting in major shutdown. Normally it is very difficult to determine the health / State of Charge of individual cell in a battery bank and also it is not possible with the existing equipment to charge such cells without disturbing / disconnecting the system.


  • Battery / cell condition checking
  • On line Charging of sick cell
  • Hot Standby Float Rectifier
  • Battery Re-conditioner for batteries in storage Universal Charger
  • Light Weight and portable: 24V / 100A or 48V / 50A weighs 5kg only


  • On for all
    Programmable for all types of batteries, different AH capacities & different Voltages
  • Set, Connect & Forget
    Very simple setting procedure, the total process of charging is Intelligent Microprocessor controlled
  • Safety
    CE marking, Voltage free output clamps, Output short circuit proof

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