MT series of Utility Inverters are for designed for the power plant, substations, Power Supply Bureau which used 220V DC Power. It can provide 220VAC power to the load or as mains special emergency power to prevent the serious consequences of electricity interruption by converting 220V batteries. It can also be used in some important devices to reduce the loss of city electric voltage pollution. 1U, 2U, 4U or 8U; 19 inch rack mounting design.

Key Features

  • Input : DC Input adopt reflected noise suppression technology, and Ac input with multiple filtering technology to eliminate mains interference
  • Output : Adopting SPWM technology, with the output of stabilized voltage and frequency, pure sine wave
  • Efficiency : ≥85%
  • Strong Anti-Jamming : Shielding, eliminating frequency interference, no interference to the communications equipment
  • Bypass : AC Bypass to ease the battery pressure
  • Hi-tech : Intelligent microcomputer CPU controls technology and SPWM technology
  • Protection : Input under/over voltage; output under/over voltage; over temperature; short circuit
  • Display : LED+LCD
  • Remote control : TCP/IP protocol, real-time monitoring
  • Boost selection : Default DC power and support AC power on
  • Load Ability : Superior resistance to shock loads. Especially the load
  • 3Alarm dry contacts : Input and output failure alarm
110V/220VDC 1 kVA 110V/220VAC
2 kVA
3 kVA
4 kVA
5 kVA
6 kVA
7 kVA
8 kVA
9 kVA
10 kVA
24V/48VDC 1 kVA 220V/110VAC
2 kVA
3 kVA
4 kVA

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