Overseas Venture

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- USV Power GmbH is a joint venture between Mr. Subhash Patil, promotor of Mass-Tech Controls and Mr. Wolfgang Pietsch, promotor of SRS Stromversorgungsanlagen, Germany.
USV Power is actively engaged in R&D activities, and does most of design and development for Mass-Tech Controls. USV Power also continuous to design new products for European Market.
Among the various products and accessories developed are SMPS modules for DC Charging equipment, monitoring and controlling equipment and DC-DC converter and other power conditioning units.

Fronius : International Gmbh, Austria
Mass-Tech is representing Fronius Gmbh in India, since 1998, for their Battery Charging Equipment and for Solar Inverters since 2018.

Corrosion Control Ltd. UK
Mass-Tech is in the business of Cathodic protection equipment jointly with Cathodic Corrosion Control Ltd. UK for various product like anode, junction boxes, transformer rectifiers etc.

FIIN OY, Finland
Mass-Tech has also joined hands with FIIN OY, Finland for Power Electronics business.

Our Partners

Fronius International, Austria

Fronius International GmbH, Austria

for Solar Inverter, Battery Charger & Battery Maintenance Tool

Stromversorgungsanlagen GmbH, Germany

Stromversorgungsanlagen GmbH, Germany

for Power Electronics

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